Who We Help

Who We Help
  • Jaquel

    Jaquel is our first college graduate, and the daughter of a combat wounded Army Chief Sergeant Major suffering from Traumatic Bain Injuries (TBI) and Post Traumatic Stress (PTS).  Jaquel desires to become a physician-scientist and continue to help military personnel suffering from TBI and PTS.  

  • Diana

    Diana was only three years old when her father, an Army Staff Sergeant, was killed in Iraq.  Entrusted in the care of her grandparents, Diana’s father’s legacy will always be remembered.  She is our first scholarship recipient.

  • Penny

    Penny’s father, an Army Master Sergeant, was extensively injured by an IED in Afghanistan. During his hospital recovery, Penny took the responsibility of serving as her father’s non-medical attendee and deferred her college dreams for a year. Today, Penny consistently excels in her studies making the Dean’s List. 

  • Donnie Jr.

    Donnie Jr’s father, an Army Staff Sergeant, was killed during his second tour of duty in Iraq, when insurgents attacked his unit with small-arms fire. Dixon, a career soldier, is survived by his wife and four children. 

  • Anna

    Anna’s father, an Army Colonel, was critically injured during his third tour of duty in Iraq when his vehicle was struck by a bomb. Anna, the oldest of three girls, graduated from Texas Christian University with a BA in Interior Design in May of 2017. 

  • Ryan

    Ryan loves to play the guitar, and his contagious grin brings joy to many.  His father a Marine Corps Captain, served our country courageously.  He was killed in action during Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan.

  • Joi

    Joi’s mother, an Army Specialist, returned home with severe combat disabilities and Joi serves as her primary care giver. She graduated from Davidson College, double majoring in English and Medical Humanities, and will be attending St. Mary’s School of Law in San Antonio, Texas, Fall 2017! 

  • Kristi

    Kristi’s father, an Army Sergeant, served in Iraq and suffers from severe Post Traumatic Stress. Kristi, a talented drawer, pursues her passions to be a Pixar animator by attending a prestigious art school. 

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  • $1.51 Billion

    The cost of post high school education for children of fallen and combat wounded Service members.

  • 59,467

    Service members have fallen or been combat wounded since September 11th, 2001


Interested in a Scholarship? 

The No Greater Sacrifice 2021 Selection Process is closed. The next Selection Process is expected to open in January 2022.

No Greater Sacrifice (NGS) is dedicated to the children of our nation's fallen and wounded Service members (post 9/11/01) by delivering scholarships and resources to improve their quality of life through the pursuit of higher education. NGS defines "higher education" as advanced learning through a bachelor's degree or associate's degree from an approved institution or certificate from a trade school.

For further information, please email info@nogreatersacrifice.org.

Thank you to Johnny Mac Soldiers Fund, Gary Sinise Foundation, and numerous donors that make scholarships possible for our deserving military children.